Reserve Studies

We are Reserve Study Specialists

As a locally owned and operated engineering firm, we have a unique and vested interest in the Tennessee and Kentucky communities we serve.  This includes many hundreds of homeowner associations for condominium, townhome and single-family communities of all sizes and varieties. One common interest for ALL associations is a concern for the future repair and replacement of their common building components and amenities.  Although not required in the State of Tennessee, we highly recommend that every HOA Board consider a Capital Reserve Fund Study from Onsite Engineering.

By maintaining the appropriate reserve fund balance, your HOA can meet certain legal, fiduciary and professional requirements, minimize the necessity for special assessments, and enhance resale values through adequately funded reserves. How does an association properly determine and accrue adequate reserves to fund necessary repair and replacement costs? The first step is conducting a RESERVE STUDY.

At Onsite Engineering, we’ve performed more than 300 reserve studies and reserve study updates over the past 10 years.  Our staff includes TWO CAI-designated Reserve Specialists who will expertly assist you in each phase of the project, which includes gathering preliminary documents, development of a component inventory list, conducting the on-site physical needs assessment, and preparation of your written report.

To get started, please return the Request for Proposal form below, or call 615-264-0505 today.  Our experienced staff will help you complete your request and a formal and complimentary proposal will be prepared for you promptly.  Be sure to let us know if you need the proposal or the reserve study report in time for a significant HOA Board deadline!

To learn more about reserve studies, here is a helpful link to the Community Associations Institute (CAI) educational site regarding reserve studies: